Who Do We Think We Are?

We’re a pretty cool group of professionals running a non-profit corporate event company. Doesn’t sound like much fun? Trust us – it is.

We bring your corporate team-building events to a new — and way more exciting — level.

Long gone are the days of snooze-worthy talks, awkward lunches or trust falls – with Calgary Corporate Challenge, it’s all about challenging yourself and your coworkers in sports and games that bring you together, build employee engagement and focus on fun. Maybe you’ve heard of the Human Bonspiel (yes – it’s a thing) or the September Games – it’s an event we host each year, which we’ll tell you about later, but it’s a pretty big deal (if we say so ourselves).

Companies that we work with have increased morale, pride, and engagement in their jobs. We don’t want to take all the credit, but we love being a part of what makes Calgary an amazing place to work, live and play.

We even have our own hashtag: #GetInTheGames. They don’t give hashtags to just anyone, you know.*

*Okay, they do. But we really like ours.

Our goals

Of course, it’s not all fun and games. We take our work seriously, and we strive to do four things really well:

  • Be a leader in providing the Calgary business community with professional, safe and well-organized events.
  • Commit to encouraging fun, participation, inclusion, teamwork and a healthy-work life balance, and take advantage of everything Calgary has to offer.
  • Provide Calgary and area charities with both financial and non-financial support and aid in connecting said charities with local businesses.
  • Work with the Calgary business community to promote positive interactions between organizations and industries.

Charitable work

In addition to helping your team work together, we also help local charities provide essentials like food, clothing and books to those in need through both our registration fees and our annual Charity Challenge. Since 2006, we’ve raised over $7 million for these amazing groups.

The September Games

The annual September Games bring together 160 Calgary companies (that’s over 10,000 people!) to face off like Olympians.* It's sixteen days of competitions focusing on teamwork and networking (but in a fun way). The companies taking part come from a range of industries, are both public and private, and range in size from 6 employees all the way up to 14,000 plus – we don’t discriminate. The events happen all around the city, so exploring and networking is even easier. Want to register? Sure you do! Well here’s a handy link.

*If Olympians ate nachos and played Mini Golf.

Our team

Dave Ford

David “Dave” Ford is a former journalism student and current General Manager of Calgary Corporate Challenge. If you have well over 20 minutes, he’d be happy to tell you how he got from one to the other with a brief stint overseas in between.

Dave has been with CCC for a long while and credits his rise to the top spot in the office to his ability to not move on to other things and underlying lust for power. It probably doesn’t hurt that he’s both the oldest and the tallest too. Also, there’s talk of introducing a sports pool component to the September Games, so he’s never been happier here.

Throughout September, you’ll find Dave running* from venue to venue making sure everyone’s spelling “Mini Golf” correctly (he doesn’t care for the hyphenated approach). Please take a second to say “Hi!” and update him on the score in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.

*Not actually running

Hayley Sellick

Originating from the land of tea and crumpets, Hayley came to Canada (via a few months in Japan) at the end of 2017. After a number of years in the cosmetics industry, and a whole load of volunteer work, she has now made the move into the non-profit sector, joining our team in the office. She holds a degree in Psychology and a totally useless but expansive knowledge of the Eurovision Song Contest.

As the newest member of the CCC team, Hayley will be the main support contact for the rest of the gang. You’ll most likely see her around everywhere at the September Games, making sure everything is running smoothly and creating awesome Instagram stories.

She’ll also be doing a lot of the scheduling for the event, which she claims to ‘Excel’ at. It seems she likes bad puns, so feel free to share any with her if you see her around.

Jacquie Li

No stranger to CCC, Jacquie joins the staff after climbing the (Calgary) Corporate (Challenge) ladder. From volunteer to contract employee, Jacquie’s finally on CCC’s full time roster. A Photoshop wizard with some pretty incredible video recording and editing skills, she’s set her sights on making CCC a YouTube celebrity. It seems impossible to imagine her accomplishing this without somehow involving cats, but we remain hopeful.

In addition to flexing her audiovisual muscles, Jacquie handles much of the communications and stakeholder relations. We have no doubt that her joining the CCC Team officially will be much smoother than her first attempt at a September Games medal ceremony (ask her about it next time you see her).

If Jacquie looks stressed during September, make her day by showing her (or just reminding her about) people who use the “Big Mouth” filter on Snapchat to enhance dramatic scenes in television shows – you’ll have her eating out of the palm of your hand!

Taylor Rhodes

Since gaining ample experience organizing and executing events in healthcare, Taylor has taken her show on the Rhodes that lead her to Calgary Corporate Challenge. Taylor is fiercely organized (we’re talking multiple sticky note pads of varying sizes and colours) and even has a BA in Recreation (she assures us that’s a real thing).

When she’s not coming up with a new to-do list to add to her list of other to-do lists, you can find her chasing her two dogs around the dog park, working on her golf skills, or playing Dr. Mario on her Nintendo NES Classic. 

Finally, and there’s really no easy way to say this, so we’ll just say it: she’s from Saskatchewan, and she even lived in Edmonton for school before making her way to YYC. Rivalries aside, she’s fully Calgarian now. Make her day in September by suggesting a cool restaurant to go to for dinner (so she can add it to her list of restaurants to try!).