Who we are

Calgary Corporate Challenge is a non-profit organization with a vision of unifying Calgary's business community, one event at a time. We provide Calgary & area companies with professionally-managed team-building events. We emphasize fun, promote philanthropy, and encourage participation, inclusion, health & fitness, cross-industry networking, and positive teamwork.

We build cultures and we nurture teams, with an impact that outlives any single event.

the three women of ccc

Our Mission

We are a community of builders focused on increasing employee engagement and wellness through diverse, inclusive events that result in increased corporate pride and a sense of connection within the Calgary business network.

We bring your corporate team-building events to a new - and way more exciting - level.

Long gone are the days of snooze-worthy talks, awkward lunches or trust falls – with Calgary Corporate Challenge, it’s all about challenging yourself and your coworkers in sports and games that bring you together. Maybe you’ve heard of Human Bonspiel (yes – it’s a thing) or the September Games – it’s an event we host each year (Think: Olympics for Calgary companies). It’s a pretty big deal, if we say so ourselves.

Companies that we work with have increased morale, pride, and engagement in their jobs. We don’t want to take all the credit, but we love being a part of what makes Calgary an amazing place to work, live and play.

We even have our own hashtag: #GetInTheGames. They don’t give hashtags to just anyone, you know.*

*Okay, they do. But we really like ours.

Our Values

Of course, it’s not all fun and games. We take our work seriously and are committed to being a leader in providing the Calgary & area business community with professional, safe and well-organized events that encourage our values:

  • Be Vibrant

    Participate with us and you’ll start to notice something: it’s actually fun to spend time with your co-workers! Who knew Steve from Accounting was so good at Mini Golf?? That energy and enthusiasm carries through everything we do, and it tends to follow our participants back to the office.

  • Be Inclusive

    We connect our local charity partners with local businesses to provide both financial and non-financial support and aid through our annual Charity Challenge and other charity initiatives, and we strive to make every CCC event open and welcoming to all participants.

  • Be Engaged

    We understand that a positive corporate culture can be the driving force behind performance. We partner with local vendors and venues to support our events and work with the Calgary business community to promote positive interactions between organizations and industries.

  • Be Well

    We offer a variety of events for all skill levels that encourage fun, participation, inclusion, teamwork and a healthy work-life balance. Our participating companies invest in the well-being of their employees and it shows.

  • two women at an obstacle course

    We bring team building to the next level.

    It’s a fun way to get together with your team, make new connections, strengthen existing relationships and have a great time.

Annual Reports

Our team

We’re a pretty cool group of professionals running a non-profit corporate event company. Doesn’t sound like much fun? Trust us – it is.

  • Jacquie Li

    Interim Executive Director

    No stranger to CCC, Jacquie joined the staff after climbing the (Calgary) Corporate (Challenge) ladder. From volunteer to contract employee, Jacquie is now on CCC’s full-time roster as our Interim Executive Director. A Photoshop wizard with some pretty incredible video recording and editing skills, she’s set her sights on making CCC a YouTube celebrity. It seems impossible to imagine her accomplishing this without somehow involving cats, but we remain hopeful.

    In addition to flexing her audiovisual muscles, Jacquie handles much of the communications and stakeholder relations. We have no doubt that her joining the CCC Team officially will be much smoother than her first attempt at a September Games medal ceremony (ask her about it next time you see her).

    If Jacquie looks stressed during September, make her day by showing her (or just reminding her about) people who use the “Big Mouth” filter on Snapchat to enhance dramatic scenes in television shows – you’ll have her eating out of the palm of your hand!

  • Hayley Sellick

    Marketing & Communications

    Originating from the land of tea and crumpets, Hayley came to Canada (via a few months in Japan) at the end of 2017. After a number of years in the cosmetics industry and a whole load of volunteer work, she made the move into the non-profit sector and joined our team in the office. She holds a degree in Psychology and a totally useless but expansive knowledge of the Eurovision Song Contest.

    If you're a Company Captain, get ready to hear a lot from her, as she'll be your main contact for all things September Games related. You’ll most likely see her around during the Games, making sure everyone is having fun and creating awesome Instagram stories.

    When she's not confusing us all with her Britishisms, Hayley spends much of her day working through spreadsheets, which she claims to ‘Excel’ at. It seems she likes bad puns, so feel free to share any with her if you see her around.

  • Morgyn Engman

    Events & Projects

    Fresh out of university, Morgyn joined the team as our Events and Projects Coordinator after completing a degree in Sport and Recreation Management. She’s passionate about supporting women in sports, having previously worked with another non-profit in the sports industry, and even attended the first WNBA game in Canada.

    If you’re attending a CCC event, you’ll have Morgyn to thank, as she is responsible for the majority of the event planning. From liaising with venues, scheduling our company volunteers and making sure our equipment is in tip-top condition, she’s a big part of why the events run as smoothly as they do.

    Despite being a born and raised Calgarian, she is an Oilers fan (we don’t understand why either). Fun fact: she once drove a Zamboni, which was a childhood dream of hers. She’s also very into F1 racing, so her new dream is to one day attend a race in Montreal. For now, she’s content just to beat her family in their weekly Mario Kart competitions.

Picking up what we're putting down?