Guest Blog: What Makes You Happy?

This guest blog was written by our friends at RMHC Alberta who provide families with the gift of togetherness during one of life's most difficult times. Learn more about what they do and how you can support them on McHappy Day!

Jacquie Li


by Suzanne Pescod, Director of Marketing & Communications

Every year, Ronald McDonald House Charities® Alberta serves over 1,200 families needing to travel for vital medical treatments for their child.

If you have never had to experience this situation – it can be hard to understand all the ways your life can be affected. The most obvious and most devastating is watching your child endure battling an illness or overcoming an injury.

Beyond the medical treatment – families are dealing with so much more than the medical journey. Over 65% of families live somewhere outside of a specialized pediatric medical centre. Anything from complicated pregnancies, cancer diagnosis, transplant journeys, and so much more need the medical resources that will likely only be accessed outside your home community.

Families are uprooted for weeks or months at a time. Support systems are cut short. Bills start to pile up. The stress is no longer just about the medical journey as families weigh selling their homes, their vehicles, leaving their careers, and becoming isolated.

RMHC Alberta exists as more than just a roof over a family. It is a network of support finding ways to alleviate burdens and keep families close to each other and the care they need.

After nearly 40 years in serving families, we have realized a few things to be true. What makes families happy when they’re going through such a challenging time are the following:

  • A chance to eat together as a family. A home-cooked meal that warms the heart.
  • An opportunity to laugh and make memories. Even during incredibly challenging circumstances.
  • Knowing that complete strangers care enough to support their family while they are having a difficult time.

McHappy Day on May 11th is an opportunity for the community to make a difference in the lives of families with sick children.

Ordering any menu item, rounding up your purchase, dialing up delivery (hello team lunch at the office!) - make a marked impact on RMHC Alberta and our ability to support families.

Did you know that one in four Canadians either are or know a family who has stayed at RMHC? Even if you’ve never stayed there – there is a high chance that you are supporting someone in your neighbourhood, your workplace, or your social circle.

What makes you happy is a question to think about this week. We hope that you feel inspired to celebrate McHappy Day alongside us – and let a family know that you care about them.

We thank all our CCC supporters far and wide - be sure to tag us with photos of your meals and follow along on our social channels to see the fun across the province on Wednesday, May 11.

For more information about RMHC Alberta, please visit

Calgary Corporate Challenge is proud to support Ronald McDonald House Charities® Alberta, one of 10 local charity partners in the 2022 September Games.