'Calgary Corporate Challenge's Response to COVID-19' on teal background

2020 September Games Update (COVID-19 Response II)

Stay tuned for further updates!

Dave Ford**

As we enter week 7 (wow!) of Calgary Corporate Challenge working from home, I wanted to share an update* regarding where we currently stand with the 2020 edition of the CCC September Games and the year in general. The “TL;DR” version of that update is: stay tuned for further updates.

We don’t want to add to everyone’s significant stress right now by forcing a decision from returning companies before we fully know what the year will look like, so for those companies we haven’t yet heard from, we’re going to extend the registration deadline indefinitely for the time being.

For all of our participating companies, please rest assured that this is not an indication that we are “giving up on the year” in any way. This is simply a recognition of the need to have a well thought-out backup plan in place in case we are unable to host our “normal” events in September.

This backup plan is where we’ve shifted our focus recently. Though we’re still figuring out what a year with no physical events might look like, our mission will continue to be to deliver a fun, well-organized, safe experience centred on teambuilding and engagement. We will also do our best to support our Charity Partners (and to incentivize your companies to do the same), as many of these organizations could use extra aid in helping our city through the current pandemic.

Our team is working hard on a plan to move forward, and we will be in touch soon as we finalize details. In the meantime, please stay healthy and safe. And try to enjoy the nice weather when and where you can. #frontyardbeers

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