Dec 12, 2019

CCC's Mistle-toast to All of You!

Our team is wrapping up our 2019 presence with a big thank you to everyone who's made this year tree-mendous! It was a year of change for Calgary Corporate Challenge - a new look, a new website, and an almost entirely new team - and we want to thank all of you for sticking with us!

Jacquie Li

Now that we've officially wrapped on the first year as a new team, it's time for us to celebrate the holidays, but not before a little elf-reflection.

Hayley, having decided that she will endure the snow, the absence of quality Quality Street Chocolates, and the constant questioning of her verbiage (lorry? stodgy? jumper?), spent the better part of her spare time in 2019 filling out forms to get her permanent residency visa! Now that those are finally all out of the way, you can expect to find her listening to Michael Bublé and watching terrible Netflix movies (The Princess Switch, anyone?). Come Christmas she'll be blasting "Stop the Cavalry" (have we mentioned that she's British?) and reminiscing about the time she got Barbie's Dream House when she was 5. When asked what her biggest achievement of the year was, she answered "Starting work at Calgary Corporate Challenge". We're not crying, you are.

Taylor is also happy to be on the team, and we're happy to have her! Now that she can take a little break from furiously planning for next September, you'll most likely find her at the park with her pups, skating outdoors, or eating her favourite holiday treat - an entire shrimp ring. Her favourite Christmases were spent at Grandma Norma's house (G-Norm, if we're keeping it short(bread) and sweet) opening presents, playing games and eating phenomenal home cooking with her whole family. Best gift she's ever been given? Her dog Leo - officially deemed "the cuddliest" by Hayley. Also, she might like to sing that she wants a hippopotamus for Christmas but, if she has it her way, she'll be getting another dog in 2020. Nobody tell her husband!

Jacquie, no stranger to CCC, is thrilled to be on the full-time roster, if for no other reason than she's recently discovered that she's doubled CCC's YouTube subscribers count - a whopping 4 new subscribers! While she spends much of her time questioning whether or not Love Actually is a good movie, she will always laugh at the "All I Want for Christmas is You" scene, so at least there's that. The movie she actually loves to watch at Christmas? What We Do in the Shadows, the one that started a short-lived but wildly entertaining tradition of watching vampire movies on Christmas day. You can probably find her during the holiday editing wedding videos, babysitting her puppy nephew Lincoln, and waiting for the Pillsbury Christmas cookies to go on sale.

Dave had a big year. He heeded Beyoncé's advice and put a ring on Roxanna (Mrs. Ford!) and celebrated the big 4-0, all while fearlessly leading a brand new team through the September Games. Now that he finally has some free time (wedding planning, amirite?) he's going to get some processes and procedures in place for his condo board because that's how he relaxes now, apparently. Despite being personally offended by someone's indifference to Home Alone, Dave has deemed Scrooged his favourite Christmas movie because "Bill Murray. '80s". Also, if you ever get the chance to hit up a Noraebang together, you could probably convince him to duet "Baby It's Cold Outside" with you, or this.

That's it from us for 2019. Have a great holiday, a merry Christmas, and a happy new year! We'll see you in 2020 for the 25th Anniversary of Calgary Corporate Challenge!