Guest Blog: International Youth Day

This guest blog was written by our friends at KidSport. Keep reading to learn more about how they're bringing sports to all children in our community.

Jacquie Li


by Lisa Doerksen, Finance & Client Services Manager

This year, on August 12th, people all over the world will be celebrating International Youth Day. We believe that sport not only has physical benefits for our youth, but also helps them develop key characteristics that will correlate to their adult lives. These characteristics are the building blocks our youth today need to be active members of society, encouraging change for the better and challenging the status quo for years to come.

KidSport believes in the mental, physical, social, and emotional benefits of kids playing organized sport and that sport will provide them with the opportunity to become physically active; improve their self-esteem and self-confidence; learn life-long skills; improve their academic performance; make new friends; improve body image; step back out of the social isolation experienced throughout the last two years; share and celebrate their culture and contribute to a strong, healthy community

33% of Canadian children do not participate in organized sport, largely due to cost and 71% believe participating in organized sport is part of identifying as Canadian. KidSport Calgary & Area strives to break down the financial barrier that is preventing children and youth from participating in organized sports but subsidizing their registration fees.

Positive Benefits of Sport (A few highlights from the latest True Sport Report – The Power of Sport):

  • Sport improves our society's overall health and well-being by getting kids active which reduces mortality rates, reduces the burden of chronic disease, and enhances positive mental health outcomes
  • Sport puts children and youth on a positive life course
  • Sport provides positive role models, fosters youth development, enhances academic achievements, enhances benefits for girls, has positive impacts on children with disabilities and reduces risky and violent behaviours
  • Sport builds stronger and more inclusive communities
  • Sport builds community through building social capital, helping newcomers integrate more quickly and fostering greater inclusion of people with disabilities
  • Sport is a strong contributor to Canada’s economy
  • Sport is promoting environmental sustainability

So far, in 2022, KidSport Calgary has funded over 2,500 kids into 59 different sports, totalling over $740,000 of funding that has been put back into the community to help make sure that youth always have the opportunity to participate in sports. These local sports organizations not only provide children and youth with a place to be active, but also a community and support system for them and their families. KidSport Calgary also provides children with no-cost equipment through the Flames Sports Bank. The equipment not only allows a child to safely participate in their sport, but also is an ice breaker on the playground for kids to make friends.

All kids deserve the opportunity to play and benefit from that play. We are here with our partners to ensure that is possible for families where sport is purely a luxury. We want them to cheer on their kids and get away from the stresses of life as they watch their kids smile, develop, stumble and learn through sport

KidSport Calgary & Area is so grateful for our partnerships with amazing companies and corporations that are a part of Calgary Corporate Challenge. We are excited to be back for 2022! If you are interested in learning more about KidSport Calgary and how you can get involved, please visit our website at

Calgary Corporate Challenge is proud to support KidSport, one of 10 local charity partners in the 2022 September Games.