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Nov 05, 2020

CCC 2020 Games - Spirit Awards

As with everything else, we had to make a few changes to the awards this year. You may know that we weren’t able to give our points or Divisional Awards, but there was nothing to stop us from giving out arguably our most coveted trophies - the Spirit Awards!

Hayley Sellick | Marketing & Communications

In a traditional year, the Spirit Award is limited to one per division and it goes to a company that showed us outstanding teamwork, sportsmanship and overall great spirit. Since tradition had to go out the window this year, we are able to award a few more trophies than the usual six! There certainly wasn’t a shortage of teams that showed great company spirit and while we would have liked to give an award to everyone, we are a non-profit and our budget doesn’t stretch that far!

Each of the companies we selected showed us what a great team they were and we’re very happy to present them with these awards!

Absorb Software - Absorb joined CCC for the first time this year and they jumped right in! They were great at sharing feedback with our team, which is helpful when we’re running new events. Another strong Trivia showing, they had 21 individuals taking part.

BMO - The BMO team was also new this year and they have been a great addition! Their Company Captain did a great job of getting their participants involved and were generally great to work with.

Daughter - Though they be but little, they are fierce! Joining us this year, the Daughter team had almost every member of their office taking part and their participants were super active on social media. They also were the clear Disc Golf Champions of the CCC Games!

Deloitte - Another Purple Division company! Can we say that if we have no divisions this year? Anyway, Deloitte joined us for the first time this year and with the help of their great Company Captain, they had great participation in our Esports events.

Imperial - The Imperial team is a powerhouse in a regular year and this year was no different! They created a whole video for their Design Challenge entry, but the effort doesn’t stop there. Their Company Captains were always on the ball, coming up with great ways to get their participants hyped up and their whole team made great contributions to the Charity Challenge.

Parsons - They were the first team to finish the cyberspace edition of the Amazing Race, beating every other team, including our own time! They also took part in many of the Esports events, which were brand new this year, and we really enjoyed seeing them take part.

Willis Towers Watson - They did a fantastic job in Trivia, coming in second in all three editions and having multiple teams signed up. 

TC Energy - The TC team had a great showing in our more sporty Esports events. Not only that, but two of their employees helped us set up and run the League of Legends tournament and we couldn’t have done it without them, so send a thank you their way if you enjoyed that event!

Stantec - The Stantec team love Poker, having quite a few participants sign up. No wonder they love it because they are great at it! Four members of their team made it to the final table and out of a tournament of 150 players, that is no mean feat!

CNRL - The next three teams took part in almost every single Esport event! The participants at CNRL not only loved Esports, they also submitted the most entries for our ROSEN Run Challenge!

Nutrien - Nutrien really shone in our Esports events but they also had a huge amount of people taking part in the Suncor Step Challenge and some great scores in Golf too!

Shareworks - As well as being another great Esports team, Shareworks were all about Cycling this year! They submitted the most amount of rides and had the second-highest score across the total number of kms cycled, just topped by our next company…

Suncor Energy - Another strong team, Suncor took the top spot in the Cycling Challenge. Not only were they great during the Games, but this company had the most amount of participants fill out our post Games survey. (See, we really do take everything into account!)

Hexagon - Although we had many companies taking part in the Charity Challenge, Hexagon went above and beyond by supporting every one of our Charity Partners! We also caught wind that they did internal prizing for their participants, which is a super way of getting everyone motivated and involved!

Enbridge - This team absolutely smashed the Suncor Step Challenge! They had 88 individuals taking part and had the most total steps across the whole challenge! You’d have thought they didn’t have time for any other events, given all of the walking they were doing, but they also showed up for many of our Esports events and we really enjoyed seeing their team supporting each other.

CP - If you entered any of our team esports events in September, you most likely would have seen at least one CP team. They came out strong for those events! In fact, 50% of the players in our Fortnite tournament were from CP - a great showing!

The City of Calgary - We were really impressed with how hard their Captains worked to get everyone signed up for events. Their team participated in a good variety of events and challenges. 

Spartan Controls - Spartan has won the Spirit Award multiple times in the past and there’s a good reason for it. Every year, their team comes out in full support of their participants but also shows great sportsmanship to their competitors and this year was no different. They also helped us secure the lot outside their building for our Drive-In Movie at pretty short notice, so if you enjoyed that event, you know who to thank!

Mark’s - Finally, our last award goes to Mark’s. The Mark’s team are always a joy to work with and their Captain consistently does a great job of getting their team involved in our events.