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Nov 08, 2020

CCC 2020 Games - Individual Shout-outs

We wanted to take some time to recognize not just the companies that showed great spirit this year, but also the individuals who really stood out to us this year and went the extra mile during the CCC 2020 Games.

Hayley Sellick | Marketing & Communications

Every year, we give out the Spirit Award to a company in each division that showed us overall great spirit. It's usually easy for us to see how well a team works together but it's a little more difficult to see each individual participant. Due to the format of the Games this year, we were able to get to know our participants better and we wanted to take a moment to shine a spotlight on these people!

Holly from Daughter - Daughter were a 'new to the Games' company this year and they got started right away. Holly was tied for first place for signing up for more events than any other female participant, taking part in a total of five different events!

Andrea from Radicle - Another new company this year was Radicle. Andrea also took part in five separate events, including our 'Big Three' of Challenges: the Suncor Step Challenge, the ROSEN Run Challenge and the Cycling Challenge!

Peter from Intact - Peter took the crown for the most events from any male participant, taking part in seven individual events. He was also a regular over on our Discord servers, keeping us all motivated in the various fitness challenges.

Andrew from Mark's - Close behind Peter was Andrew, who took part in six individual events and was an outstanding Company Captain for Team Mark's.

Yasmeen from BDO - Our social media queen, Yas has been nothing but supportive of CCC this year. If there's one person we know will help us share our message out into the world, it's her.

Pam from Imperial - Another social media hero is Pam. We really enjoyed seeing her and her team take part in the BDO Bingo Challenge and she was a great Company Captain to boot.

Nick from Spartan - The team from Spartan always do a great job but this year we wanted to recognize two Spartans that really stood out to us. Company Captain Nick was one of our most enthusiastic participants this year and, despite very little experience, enjoyed taking part in a good number of our ESports events!

Ryan from Spartan - Possibly the one person that loves CCC more than our own team, you'll see Ryan about at every one of our events in a regular year. This year, he didn't let the pandemic slow him down - he played a vital part in getting our Drive-In Movie event of the ground by securing us the parking lot outside of the Spartan Controls building. He also volunteered at the event and even stuck around to help us take everything down at the end of the night.

Jordan and Joseph from TC Energy - We cannot say enough good things about these guys! J&J proposed a brand new event to us, then volunteered to help us run it. We literally could not have put on the League of Legends tournament without them!

Riccardo from Enbridge - If you took part in any of the sports video games, you no doubt will recognize Riccardo, a.k.a. ISfly10 on Twitch. He had multiple podium finishes in NHL and FIFA, all of which we got to see live, thanks to his brilliant commentary and streaming.

Louis from Shareworks by Morgan Stanley - A very entertaining Twitch stream during our League of Legends tournament and the best multi-tasker we've ever seen!

Gordon from Parsons - Another streamer, Gordon was not only great on Twitch but also introduced our team to the world of Competitive Tetris (yes, it's a real thing)!

Solange from CP - Solange signed on as a Company Captain for CP in September and she did alllll the things! We had a massive surge of participants from CP in the last month of the Games, no doubt due to her hard work.

Alain from CNRL - The Suncor Step Challenge had more participants than any other event this year, but only one name could come out on top and that was Alain's. This guy walked a total of 2,937,448 steps across the summer! Converted into distance, it's the equivalent of 2365km - that's like walking from here to Winnipeg and back! A true walking champion.

Luke from Cisco - If you took part in the Step Challenge during July, you may remember seeing one name at the top every week. Luke really went for it and racked up a total of 1,367,273 steps in one month! That's an average of over 44k A DAY. Seriously impressive stuff.

Travis from TC Energy - Travis is a Company Captain and a CCC Board Member, so you could say he was one of our top fans! He regularly posts about Corporate Challenge and it was great to see him taking part in the ROSEN Run Challenge.

Roman from Shareworks by Morgan Stanley - Maybe the fastest person in the whole CCC community, Roman is top of the leaderboard for both the fastest 5km and 10km times!

Andrea from Mark's - Andrea submitted the most runs for our leaderboard, submitting 16 run times in one month! Very impressive.

Allan from Enverus - Allan was a standout participant of our Cycling Challenge. He not only had the longest distance ridden across the whole summer (5812.8km!!) but he rode 2533.5km of that in a single month!

Kiera from Intact - Another great effort in the Cycling Challenge, Kiera logged 29 separate bike rides!

Free Agents - Finally, our Free Agents Teams! In a regular year, teams are made up of individuals from the same company, but we know that was tricky this year, so in a few cases, we teamed up willing participants from a number of companies to form a super Free Agents team! The first of these teams was in our July edition of Trivia and the team was made up of Chu from Ausenco, Stephan also from Ausenco, Susan from Hallmark Tubulars, Alex from Nutrien and Sheena from Suncor. None of these people knew each other but clearly they had a blast because they asked if they could play as a team together for the August and September Trivia Nights too! Our other Free Agents team took part in the virtual Amazing Race. Anyone who did the Amazing Race this year knows that there was a huge amount of teamwork that went into that event, so the fact that this team worked so well together and finished the race is a true testament to their team! The team was made up of Mitul from CNRL, Victor from Emerson, Susan from Hallmark Tubulars (the same Susan from Trivia - a real networking pro!) and Ruhina from Mark's. We loved seeing these participants come together and work so well as a team. Teamwork and networking are what CCC is all about!

Thank you to everyone that made this year such a fun one. We look forward to seeing you all back in 2021!