Suncor Summer Step Challenge

July 1 – 31, 2022
Individual Participation
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Still working from home? Looking for an excuse to leave the house or stop running around the kitchen island to hit those daily step goals?! Join the Suncor Step Challenge and see how well you and your company can get to steppin'!

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This event is now over

Join the Calgary Corporate Challenge monthly Suncor Step Challenge and see how you and your company stack up against the competition! For the month of July, we're encouraging you to get out there, get some steps in then let us know how you did. Less into walking and more into other forms of exercise? No problem - use our handy chart to convert your activities into steps!

Player Profiles. Each participant will be required to create a Player Profile via the CCC Website where they will be able to submit their steps/scores, view leaderboards, and register for events.

Get Motivated: Make a team within your company to keep each other accountable! Schedule workday walks for your one-on-one meetings, you can still Zoom or make it a phone call! Include your family for some more bonding time! Bring your headphones for podcasts, audiobooks, or some upbeat music! Do you have some tips for people who are struggling? Share them on the Discord Channel!


  • Teams

    None required

  • Participation

    Employees only. This Challenge is open to all employees at registered companies across Canada.

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  • Get Your Points

    A minimum of 5 employees must complete their submissions for your company to receive participation points in the 2022 Overall Results.

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