Suncor Step (September)

September 10 – 25, 2021
Company Participation
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Keep your steps up and get rewarded in the Games!

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You must register for The September Games before you can register for this event.

If you want to step-up your walking game while helping your team secure a spot on the leaderboards, the Suncor Step is the perfect opportunity! Backtracking for that one thing that wasn't on the grocery list (there's always one!) can earn you points towards the Games so find four walking buddies and sign up.

Submit your results through your CCC profile and the team with the highest number of steps during September 10-25 will be declared the winner. Note that the top six teams may be audited to confirm the results so make sure your trackers are as ready as you are!

Event Information

  • Dates of Event

    September 10-25

  • Time of Event


  • Team Size


  • Team Requirements

    Minimum 1 Male and 1 Female

  • Format

    Non-Pool Play

  • Participants

    Employees Only, 18+

What You Need

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  • Shoe icon


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  • Timer icon

    Tracker of Your Choice

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