Nutrien Cycle Challenge

August 1 – September 01, 2021
Individual Participation

Get your legs ready, because we've got a month-long cycling challenge for you and your team to conquer! Hop on your rides and see how far you can go in the month of August!

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This event is now over


For this year's Summer Challenges we'll be giving you the opportunity to win some prizes from our Sponsors!

Anyone who submits their cycling distances during August will be entered into a draw to win a great prize, provided by Nutrien. The draws will be held at the end of September and winners will be announced at Closing Ceremony.


  • Teams

    None Required

  • Participation

    Employees only. This Challenge is open to all employees at registered companies across Canada.

  • Age Restriction


  • Get Your Points

    A minimum of 4 employees must complete their submissions for your company to receive participation points in the 2021 Overall Results.

What You Need

  • Bicycle icon

    Bike (Indoor or Outdoor)

  • Timer icon

    Tracker of Choice

  • Water icon


  • Bike helmet icon

    Safety Gear



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