Mini Golf Challenge

July 1 – September 01, 2021
Individual Participation
A birds eye view of a mini golf ball going into the hole

Pack up your putters and tee up the balls cause we're bringing you another challenge to knock your fancy golf socks off. It's everyone's favourite miniature game! *No expertise necessary*

This event is now over

We've got a "do-it-yourself" summer challenge set up for those who like to par-take in a mini version of the Greatest Game. Grab your putter and head over to the new Golfuture YYC Mini Putt course (or any course near you). We'll keep a running leaderboard on our website so you can see how you and your company match up against the competition.

You have the option to visit any other mini golf venue (especially if you don't live in Calgary).

In light of COVID-19, Golfuture YYC will NOT provide clubs or balls. Participants MUST bring their own if they wish to play. Please remember to follow all social-distancing guidelines. Be safe and have fun!

Teams can participate in the summer at a special CCC price ($4.00 per person).


  • Teams

    Teams of 4

  • Participation

    Employees only. This Challenge is open to all employees at registered companies across Canada.

  • Age Restriction


  • Get Your Points

    A minimum 4 employees must participate in at least one form of golf (golf, mini golf, or disc golf) for your company to receive participation points in the 2021 Overall Results.

What You Need

  • Golf club icon

    Putter & Golf Ball

  • Golf course icon

    Course Booking



7100 15 St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2Z8



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