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Human Bonspiel in Support of KidSport

Mon, February 24th at 11:30 AM

228 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2P 2M5

Curling not exciting enough for you and skeleton sounds downright terrifying? We give you: Human Bonspiel! Ice? Yes. Speed? Sorta. Headfirst? Yes. Fun? You bet your button! Think you can hack it?


General Entry - $200/team
General entry for a team of 4, not including GST (25% of these sales will go to KidSport)

Charity Support - $250/team
General entry for a team of 4, not including GST (50% of these sales will go to KidSport) & an Early Opportunity for a Charity Challenge point in the Give Back category for KidSport!


Curling, but with humans as the rocks! Like with regular curling, you'll have to hurry hard, but you'll be launching yourself down the ice via inner tube, all in support of a great cause (KidSport Calgary)Bonus: No sweeping required! Still don't get it? Watch our 2019 Human Bonspiel Highlights to see it all in action.

September Games Insider Tip: Are you participating with a team that also competes in CCC’s annual September Games? Select the “Single Team - Charity Support” option priced at $250. By selecting this option, your team will get to participate in Human Bonspiel AND you’ll be awarded an early point in KidSport’s category of the 2020 CCC Charity Challenge!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Teams arrive at Olympic Plaza between 11:30 a.m. & 11:45 a.m. on their scheduled sliding date (please select your preferred date when you register and we will do our best to fit you in on that date!)
  2. After arriving and before 12 p.m., team members will fill out a participation waiver and have the opportunity to practice on the ice and enjoy complimentary hot chocolate, courtesy of Purple Perk.
  3. At 12 p.m., the scheduled tournament play begins. Each team will be scheduled to slide twice during the preliminary rounds.
  4. Each team member will slide once per round.
    The goal is to land as close to the button (centre of the rings) as possible.
    Your individual score (as measured by our team of volunteers) is calculated as the total distance (in centimetres) that your inner-tube lands from the button. Effectively, the closer you land to the button, the lower your individual score is. The lower your score is, the better.
    At the end of each round, individual scores from each team members’ slide will be added together and your team’s overall score will be determined.
  5. After the two preliminary rounds are complete, the 5 teams with the lowest overall score between the two preliminary rounds will advance to Slide-Offs; a single additional round where each team member slides one more time. Again, results are determined based on your team’s cumulative distance from the button.
  6. After Slide-Offs, the teams who have placed in the Top 3 positions of the day will win prizes and will be invited back to compete on Finals Day (Friday, February 28) against the other teams who ranked as the best of the best on their respective event dates.