Design Challenge

August 1 – September 25, 2021
Online Experience
Company Participation
two people hold up a framed t-shirt at closing ceremony

Showcase your team's creativity in the annual Design Challenge!

This event is now over

You must register for The September Games before you can register for this event.

The annual Design Challenge is an opportunity to celebrate the creativity of our participating companies.

Now's the time to rally the (hidden) artists on your team! Channel that imagination and create something (anything!) that best represents this year, the theme of the Games, or your company in general. If this sounds vague it's because it's meant to. Your canvas, your rules!

The theme of the 2021 September Games is 'Back to the Future' - interpret that in any way you'd like!

Event Information

  • How to submit

    WeTransfer to

  • Submission Type

    Flexible (Poster, T-shirt, short video, etc). Sky's the limit.

  • Deadline to submit

    September 25, 2021 (Final Day of the Games)

  • Points Available

    Participation Points (2)

Happy with your design and ready to share it with CCC?

Follow the link below to submit your design via WeTransfer (a free-to-use platform).

Please include:

  1. Your Company Name in the Title.
  2. A brief description of your entry in the Message.