Amazing Race: Sampler

March 24, 2021
Online Experience
Company Participation

Get your team together and race around the world (virtually)! This event is a free-to-play abbreviated version of our March Madness edition.

This event is now over

The virtual CCC Amazing Race is a series of mental challenges designed for teams of four to test each individual’s problem solving skills and the group’s ability to follow instructions and work together. Teams will race around the internet, finding clues on different websites that will help solve a series of puzzles or challenges.

Things you need to know:

  1. How to use the Street View function of Google Maps
  2. How to navigate various websites (YouTube, Wikipedia, Google search engine, etc.)
  3. How to effectively communicate with your teammates remotely (during the official event, Zoom breakout rooms are made available)

Things that may make your life easier during the race:

  • Pencil/pen and paper
  • A calculator (for those who don't trust their elementary school level math skills)
  • Headphones/earbuds for audio clues

To start the raceclick here!

Note: This will download the Opening Video and provide you with the link to your first puzzle. For those of you who aren't able to download the video, you can proceed to the first puzzle here:

Standings can be made available. Please email

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