2021 Amazing Race: March Madness

March 23, 2021
Online Experience
Individual Participation
Image advertising the Calgary Corporate Challenge Amazing Race

Are you ready for the first Off-Season Event of 2021? We’re kicking off our events with a race around the world (but from the comfort of your own home)!

This event is now over

The 2021 CCC Amazing Race is a series of mental challenges designed for teams of four to test each individual’s problem-solving skills and the group’s ability to follow instructions and work together. Teams will race around the internet, finding clues on different websites that will help you solve a series of puzzles or challenges.


  • Teams

    4 people

  • Participation

    Employees only

  • Age Restriction


What You Need

  • Zoom icon

    Zoom (so you can join the Race)

  • Headset icon

    A way to communicate with your teammates (that isn't Zoom) - we suggest Discord/Facetime/Skype etc

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