Join our Board of Directors!

Calgary Corporate Challenge is seeking individuals who are energized and passionate about being involved in the Calgary community to join our Board of Directors.

Jacquie Li

Calgary Corporate Challenge (“CCC”) is a local non-profit organization that is dedicated to unifying the Calgary business community. For nearly three decades, we have brought people together through fun and inclusive team-building events that encourage participation, teamwork, and wellness. We look to inspire connectivity year round, but are best known for our annual September Games: 15 days of various sports and games with representation from over 150 companies from Calgary and the surrounding area. Finding ways to give back to the community is also a huge part of our mandate. We seek to partner with local vendors and venues to help run our events. We also support our charity partners by connecting them with local businesses through our annual Charity Challenge. We love working with the Calgary business community to promote positive interactions between organizations and industries. It truly takes a village. Together with our members, sponsors, volunteers, and community and charity partners, we can build culture and community with an impact that outlives any single event.


We are a community of builders focused on increasing employee engagement and wellness through diverse, inclusive events that result in increased corporate pride and a sense of connection within the Calgary business network.


Board Director (minimum 2 positions to fill) Calgary Corporate Challenge is seeking nominations for a minimum of two (2) Board Directors to be elected to the Board at our Annual General Meeting in May. We are looking for individuals who are energetic and passionate about being involved in the Calgary community, and who can bring their unique perspective to help bring our organization to the next level. This is an extremely rewarding volunteer opportunity and consists of a 3-year commitment, with a maximum of two consecutive terms (for a maximum total of 6 years). Calgary Corporate Challenge has an annual operating budget of approximately $500,000+ and has 3 full-time staff members that report through the Executive Director to the Board of Directors.

All candidates are generally expected to have some experience working with Boards and/or Committees in at least 1 of the following areas. Areas marked with an asterisk (*) are of particular focus at this time:

  • Strategic Planning*
  • Governance*
  • Business Development
  • Finance and Budgeting
  • Legal*
  • Human Resources*
  • Non-Profit Organizations*
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations/Media
  • Technology

Time Commitment

Attendance and participation in the following (roughly 5-10 hours every 6-8 weeks):

  1. Bi-monthly board meetings (once every two months) for approximately 1.5 hours; a minimum attendance of 70% of board meetings is required; attendance can be virtual or in-person
  2. Annual General Meeting
  3. Meetings of assigned Board Committees
  4. Networking and community events, including making appearances at events hosted by CCC
  5. Board training sessions

Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to CCC’s mission, vision, and values
  • Ensures programs and services are consistent with our mission and vision and aligned with our strategic plan
  • Assists with developing work plans and leading committees to accomplish key priorities identified as part of the strategic plan
  • Reviews and approves CCC’s annual budget and financial objectives, plans, and actions
  • Monitors CCC’s operating results against the strategic plan and annual budget on a regular basis
  • Ensures the organization is operating in compliance with laws and regulations and with CCC’s own governing documents
  • Assists with establishing organizational and/or Board policies and objectives
  • Provides strategic guidance and direction to the Executive Director
  • Assists with monitoring and evaluating the work of the Executive Director
  • Participates in mentoring and recruiting new Board Members and ensuring a succession plan is in place
  • Commits to learning and continually building one’s knowledge and skill relative to the governance of the Board

Calgary Corporate Challenge has an open hiring and recruitment policy, and we are committed to evolving diversity including but not limited to age, gender, and ethnicity. All candidates interested in fulfilling the above requirements for the duration of the elected term should submit a resume and cover letter via email to Jacquie Li on or before March 15, 2024.

If you have any questions, please email Jacquie Li directly.

Jacquie Li – Executive Director