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June Suncor Step Challenge (Sponsor Exclusive)

Mon, June 1st at 12:00 AM


There is no limit to the number of participants that can sign up for this event, so let's get everyone moving!


Week 1 June 8-14 Step Count

Week 2 June 15-21 Step Count

Week 3 June 22-June 28 Step Count

Week 4 (End of Month) - June 29-30 Step Count


We're working with our website developers to integrate our events into our own site for future months, but for June, we'll be collecting participant data via Google Forms. 

All anyone needs for the Step Challenge is a pedometer of some kind - Apple Watch, FitBit, phone app, an old school clip-on pedometer... the choice is yours! At the end of each week, participants will submit the number of steps they did each day during that week. These steps will go towards an overall average for their company and each company will be displayed on a leaderboard on our site.

The Step Challenge will start on Monday, June 8 and run until the end of the month. We ask that all participants submit the previous week's step data on Monday, so we can get them updated and up on our website on Tuesday.

Most of us aren't leaving the house as much as we normally would and getting a lot of steps in may seem a little daunting, so here are some ideas to get everyone started: 

  • Schedule workday walks -  if possible, make those one-to-one Zoom meetings into a phone call and walk while you talk
  • Bring your headphones - try some fun and upbeat music to help you walk further, or give an audiobook a go - you'll be so wrapped up in the story, you won't realise how far you've walked (please don't get so engrossed in the story that you get lost!)
  • Include your family - go for a walk with your kids and/or dog - make it household bonding time
  • Get steps in around the home - if you live in a house with stairs, make use of them! If not, even a few laps around the kitchen island while you're waiting for your coffee to brew will add up