Amazing Race: Back to the Future

September 25, 2021
Online Experience
Company Participation

Fly across the internet to complete a series of challenges at jet speed and take your team to the top!

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Apply your problem-solving skills and use your group's ability to follow instructions and work together to solve a series of mental challenges and puzzles. Teams will race around the internet, finding clues on different websites that will help you solve a series of puzzles or challenges. Before you get to racing, make sure you take a look at the Amazing Race 2021 Rules and ensure you are familiar with how to navigate:

  • Google Maps & Street View (and versions of Street View from past years)
  • Google Photo Spheres
  • Google (including reverse image searches)
  • YouTube, Wikipedia, Zoom
  • The internet in general

On the day of, make sure to join the Zoom Meeting at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the race. Your Event Coordinators will be in the Zoom Lobby at least 30 minutes before the event start time to help get everyone organized and answer any questions that come up.

Event Information

  • Date of Event

    September 25

  • Time of Event

    1 p.m. MDT

  • Team Size

    Up to 4 people

  • Team Requirements


  • Format

    Non-Pool Play

  • Participants

    Employees Only, 18+


What You Need

  • Wifi icon


  • Zoom icon


  • Lightbulb icon

    Problem Solving



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